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Dermal Fillers 101

Dermal Fillers 101

Dermal Fillers 101 Restoring Youthfulness with a Syringe In the ever-evolving realm of cosmetic medicine, the quest for timeless beauty and the reversal of aging

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Is PRP treatment safe ?

Is PRP treatment safe?

Is PRP treatment safe? This question resonates through the buzzing corridors of aesthetic medicine, capturing the attention of adults over 35, a demographic increasingly intrigued

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Sulpting for men in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa

Sculpting For Men

In our quest to find beauty in the world, we sometimes neglect the importance of our skin. We try to help it in many ways,

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Diet science and treatment in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa


Here at SkinFX Medical Spa, we take diet science seriously.  In today’s modern world, there are many ways to pursue weight loss. There are short-term

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