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Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that frees people from unwanted hair on their bodies. Unlike waxing and shaving, which must be administered ongoing, laser hair removal will leave your skin hair-free only after a few scheduled sessions. 

If you have decided to undergo laser hair removal, you should do a few things before your appointment to maximize the results. When you prepare your skin and body for the laser treatment, you can expect the results to last up to several months or even a year. Here are the essential steps you should take for laser hair removal preparation

Avoid Exposure To The Sun

During the weeks leading up to your appointment, you should avoid any instance where your skin is exposed to the sun in which it may burn or tan. When the laser comes into contact with tanned skin, it may cause the skin to lighten in certain areas giving you an uneven skin tone. Many skin specialists won’t treat skin that has recently been exposed to damaging sun rays or tanning beds as blistering may occur. For best results from your laser hair removal treatment, avoid tanning and use SPF 15 or higher if you must be exposed to the sun for long. 

Skip Your Routine Hair Removal Methods

To reduce hair growing back, laser treatments are designed to damage its follicles. Typical hair removal methods like plucking, waxing, and electrolysis can affect the hair follicles on your body and lessens the laser’s effect. While you should skip these manual hair removal tactics, you can shave your skin or clip unwanted hairs without causing damage to the follicles underneath your skin. Many skin specialists recommend that you shave the area to be treated by the laser before your appointment for best results. 

Wear Comfortable, Unrestrictive Clothing

Laser treatment does not cause pain, but the affected skin may feel sensitive immediately once the treatment has finished. To protect your tender skin and prevent chafing, wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Wearing unrestrictive attire that allows you to move freely without rubbing or tightness will keep you comfortable during the procedure and after the laser treatment. 

Follow Your Skin Specialist’s Instructions

Your professional skin specialist will provide instructions for you to follow leading up to your laser hair removal appointment. You may be advised to take pain relievers or use topical anesthetics before your treatment, depending on your sensitivity and the area to have hair removed. Always let your hair removal specialist know of any conditions that may affect your skin or how your skin heals, and follow their instructions to ensure your laser hair removal process is successful.

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