The importance of nursing skills and experience in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa

Here at SkinFX Medical Spa, we take pride in having actual nursing experience and credentials as we talk about things like vitamin therapy and different wellness procedures.

 Both Jason Trujillo and Anjela Maleki have a track record of using clinical training to help patients access the solutions they need. You can read more about this at the site to better understand what’s behind our office philosophy and standard. 

 What about having practitioners with real nursing experience: is this standard in the business? In some ways, it is, and in other ways, it isn’t.


 It’s easy to get a storefront or commercial space and set up things like derma peels, microneedling, etc. that facilitate these types of cosmetic and wellness treatments.

 But not every entrepreneur who builds this kind of business invests in having the same clinical background.

 There is a certain satisfaction in being able to consult with patients with real clinical experience. It does more than just add confidence – it helps to provide the kind of roadmap people need when trying to decide on these elective procedures.


 Part of the clinical practice of consulting is to offer the benefits and disadvantages of any given care plan.

 It’s easier to do this if you have the actual clinical background because you’re already trained in that kind of process. It also helps your patients have more confidence in what you do!

 What about ER and ICU nursing? How does that help? 

 Well, it helps develop the “clinical muscle” you need for real medical discipline as you talk to patients. In the ER and the ICU, there is an extremely high standard of care, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants and deserves? So, in the end, yes, this kind of nursing really does provide its own rewards for running a wellness office. 


 You’ll also notice that we utilize modalities like IV therapy for delivering therapeutic substances.

 That’s part of the combination of processes that drives our specific treatment model and makes us a popular spot in the Pasadena area. Come on in and see us! You’ll see a modern practice driven by real nursing experience and the care that comes with it. Be sure to ask about vitamin IV therapy and other specialties that we do for local people. 

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