Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Experience the difference that true innovation makes! Thanks to advancements in laser technology, spearheaded by the GentleMax Pro, laser hair removal treatments are now safer, faster, and more comfortable than ever before. This advanced system effectively targets unwanted hair on virtually any area you wish, including underarms, face, neck, back, legs, shoulders, and the bikini line.

The advantages of this treatment include:

  • Temporary or permanent hair reduction
  • Prevent and combat ingrown hairs
  • Softens the skin
  • Produces no scarring or other side effects
  • Lasting results with only a few treatments
  • Experience the latest advancements in laser technology for safer, faster, and more comfortable treatments. Enjoy effortless smoothness on any area you desire, from underarms and face to legs and bikini line.

Is Laser Hair Removal right for me?

Are you looking to address unwanted hair with one of our cutting-edge laser treatments? Tell us more about yourself, and someone will get back to you to schedule a consultation. Thanks for reaching out to SkinFX Medical Spa!

GentleMax Pro Plus®

Laser Hair Removal and More

The gold standard in laser hair removal.Success built on over two decades of innovation to deliver results you can trust and the versatility you need.

GentleMax-Pro Plus - Pasadena Laser Hair Removal

Before And After GentleMax Pro Plus

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Stubborn neck hair on men can often cause ingrown hairs and unsightly blemishes. Laser Hair Removal can address this subtle upper-lip hair for women. Skip the monthly wax. Laser Hair Removal can permanently remove unwanted facial hair within a few treatments.


Many women are ready to throw out the razors and embrace laser hair removal to address hair on the legs, armpits, bikini line, and lower back. This treatment can ultimately save you time and discomfort after you ditch your weekly shaving routine.


Laser energy targets the pigment (melanin) in hair follicles, ultimately disabling their growth.

Results vary depending on factors like hair color, skin type, and hormonal fluctuations. Permanent reduction of up to 90% is possible, but maintenance treatments may be needed.

Most people with fair to medium skin tones and dark hair can achieve good results. Consult a qualified professional to determine if it’s right for you.

Many modern systems, including GentleMax Pro, incorporate advanced cooling technologies to minimize discomfort. Individual sensitivity also plays a role.

Temporary redness, swelling, and scabbing are possible, but usually resolve quickly. More serious side effects are rare.

It uses multiple wavelengths to safely treat a wider range of skin tones and hair colors compared to traditional lasers.

Its Dynamic Cooling Device delivers a cooling spray before, during, and after each pulse, maximizing comfort.

The number varies depending on individual factors. Typically, 4-8 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Yes! GentleMax Pro is approved for safe and effective hair removal on most body areas, including face, neck, back, legs, and bikini line.

Yes, when used by trained professionals. It’s a clinically proven and FDA-cleared system with a strong safety record.

Treatment costs vary based on the area treated and the number of sessions needed. We offer transparent pricing and financing options to make it accessible.

Yes, we frequently have introductory discounts and package deals available. Check our website or contact us for current promotions.

Yes, a free consultation with a certified professional is crucial to discuss your goals, assess your suitability, and create a personalized treatment plan.Yes, a free consultation with a certified professional is crucial to discuss your goals, assess your suitability, and create a personalized treatment plan.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and financing options.

You may experience some temporary redness or swelling, which typically subsides within a few hours. Follow your aftercare instructions carefully to optimize results.

Yes, our team of registered nurses and licensed technicians are trained and certified in using GentleMax Pro and have extensive experience in laser hair removal treatments.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured to operate in your location.

Patient safety is our top priority. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation in our spa.

We are always happy to answer your questions! Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or by visiting our spa.

We will provide you with specific instructions before your consultation. In general, avoiding sun exposure and tanning products in the treatment area is recommended.

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