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Founded in 2019, SkinFX Medical Spa in Pasadena, CA, offers a comprehensive suite of aesthetic rejuvenation services. With a mission to enhance beauty and wellness, the spa provides a variety of treatments and products tailored to meet individual needs. Specializing in advanced aesthetic techniques, SkinFX Medical Spa has become a leading destination for those seeking personalized beauty enhancements. Their services range from skin care and facials to injectables and laser treatments, all performed in a state-of-the-art facility by certified professionals dedicated to patient care and satisfaction.


We offer a number of cutting-edge aesthetic treatments in Pasadena, CA to help you reach your ultimate aesthetic goals. Here are a few…

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Established in 2019, SkinFX Medical Spa is a full-service aesthetic rejuvenation medical spa in Pasadena, CA. It is the dream of registered nurses Jason Trujillo and Anjela Maleki come true. Together with their over 17 years of combined experience as ER and ICU nurses, they decided to invest their time and energy into one of their true passions— helping patients feel beautiful, inside and out. From this, it became their goal to create a medical spa offering a wide range of services that focus on promoting beauty and wellness through products and treatments. As certified master injectors, we offer professional techniques focusing on each patient’s individual needs.


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