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Here at SkinFX Medical Spa, we take diet science seriously.

 In today’s modern world, there are many ways to pursue weight loss. There are short-term options and long-term strategies. There are invasive surgeries and less extreme things like dietary supplements.

 Within this complex landscape, we offer some of the best new science on how to build energy and combat fat.


 B12 as a vitamin source is good for promoting energy. On our site, we talk about how vegans and others will use B12 to fortify their normal diet. That’s part of what we talk about in consultation meetings with clients where nutrition and supplements are discussed alongside things like fitness and chemical changes to promote weight loss.


 Yes, there are stimulants that can basically work on your fat and energy equation in fine-tuning the body’s response to a particular course of treatment.

 This doesn’t happen in a vacuum, though, so be sure to talk to doctors about how this works and how it may interact with medications and other lifestyle changes.


 There’s no substitute for diet and fitness, but with some of these above supplements, you’re creating more of a robust system for long-term and sustainable weight loss. Talk to us about this and other services that we offer, for example, dermal fillers to change body contours and a lot more.

 One thing to always keep in mind when selecting treatment and care is that you have to look at the benefits and disadvantages of each decision that you make. That’s especially important with invasive surgeries like liposuction or some other more extreme way to tackle weight gain. But it’s also important with supplements and other things to get qualified advice and to think about the pros and cons on either side of the ledger. That’s how clinical care works, and it should also be how holistic health care works, too.

Our philosophy is to always keep our clients’ best interest in mind, and we do that through operating a site that gives you the resources to make those decisions on a self makeover. Instead of just saying ‘come in and do what you want,’ we consult with you to find a roadmap for your own needs! Become part of a community that cares about diet science and more – and make your own way toward your long-term goals. We’ll be with you every step of the way. 

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