What is your take on IV therapy treatments?

What is your take on IV therapy treatments

In recent years, intravenous (IV) therapy treatments have gained popularity as a modern wellness trend. Celebrities, athletes, and health-conscious individuals have been raving about the benefits of IV therapy for various purposes, ranging from boosting energy levels to recovering from hangovers. But what exactly is IV therapy, and what is its efficacy? In this blog, […]

How Effective are PDO Threads?

How Effective are PDO Threads

Are you looking for a way to look younger that doesn’t involve surgery? You may have heard about PDO threads and wonder if you should try them. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how well PDO threads lift and tighten the skin. Check out more details with us at SkinFX Medical Spa and see […]

How To Care For Your Skin After A Perfect Derma Peel?

How To Care For Your Skin After A Perfect Derma Peel

Following our experts’ tips to get glowing results after a derma peel is essential. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may feel tingling, burning, itching, dryness, redness, or tightness after a peel.  So today, we’ll be helping you more with your post-care duties after this treatment. SFX Medical Spa is here to guide you through […]

What Effect do Neurotoxins Have on the Nerves/Nervous System?

What Effect do Neurotoxins Have on the NervesNervous System

Neurotoxins are substances that are poisonous to the nervous system. They can damage or kill nerve cells and interfere with the standard transmission of signals between nerves. Neurotoxins can be found in various sources, including some plants, certain insects, and certain types of fish.  Bacteria and fungi also produce some neurotoxins. In humans, neurotoxins can […]


Sulpting for men in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa

In our quest to find beauty in the world, we sometimes neglect the importance of our skin. We try to help it in many ways, like using creams and lotions to try and reduce wrinkles and help us look more youthful. As much as we try to make ourselves look as beautiful as possible, drastic […]

Is There Any Therapy for Weight Loss?

Is There Any Therapy for Weight Loss?

Have you attempted weight loss schemes and diets that always seem to fall short in the results department? Today’s market scene offers modern weight loss solutions under the supervision of experienced medical professionals. Medical weight loss helps you lose weight by naturally suppressing the appetite, so you consume fewer calories and shrink your stomach. Help […]


The importance of nursing skills and experience in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa

Here at SkinFX Medical Spa, we take pride in having actual nursing experience and credentials as we talk about things like vitamin therapy and different wellness procedures.  Both Jason Trujillo and Anjela Maleki have a track record of using clinical training to help patients access the solutions they need. You can read more about this […]


Diet science and treatment in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa

Here at SkinFX Medical Spa, we take diet science seriously.  In today’s modern world, there are many ways to pursue weight loss. There are short-term options and long-term strategies. There are invasive surgeries and less extreme things like dietary supplements.  Within this complex landscape, we offer some of the best new science on how to […]


Warning Signs That Your Body is Vitamin Deficient in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa

The human body is comprised of a complex system of cells. Keeping the cells that your body is constructed from healthy is something you should view as a main priority. One of the main things your body needs to function properly is the right mix of vitamins and nutrients. Medical experts estimate that nearly 92% […]


Laser Hair Removal in Pasadena, CA | SkinFX Medical Spa

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that frees people from unwanted hair on their bodies. Unlike waxing and shaving, which must be administered ongoing, laser hair removal will leave your skin hair-free only after a few scheduled sessions.  If you have decided to undergo laser hair removal, you should do a few things before […]

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