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Why go for IV therapy as a new and modern wellness treatment?

We provide this kind of IV therapy all the time in our offices. It’s really an amazing asset to those who want to enhance their holistic wellness and benefit from everything that modern science has to offer. You get the nutrients and essentials that you need delivered to you directly, with no extra steps and obstacles to the body using these things in the ways that the treatment is intended.

Intravenous Control and IV Therapy

Let’s put it this way – when you go to the hospital, you often end up getting IV therapy for one reason or another.

It’s easier for nurses to simply introduce medications into the intravenous drip than it is for them to administer multiple injections.

Having an open pathway to the vascular system is valuable in a clinical context – that’s another way to say it. But the power of IV therapy isn’t just for the OR or the ICU bed. It can be used for preventative and therapeutic treatment elsewhere!

IV Therapy In-Office

So now let’s talk about why IV drip therapy is helpful in an outpatient office context, and why so many of our guests think about getting their vitamin therapy this way. After all, many people don’t yet know about all of these neat uses for this new kind of care!

One prime use of this type of therapy is hydration. Suppose you’re hung over or dehydrated, and you get a nice IV therapy boost with electrolytes and everything that your clear liquids deliver. It’s not uncommon to feel a lot better. So why wait until you are severely dehydrated?

Then there are the range of vitamins you can use in IV therapy.

For example, if you read up on the site, we have B vitamin IV therapy and something called the “skinny shot” that delivers metabolism boosters and more. Specifically, patients get methionine, inositol, choline, carnitine and B12, a mix that has been known to assist in turning body fat into energy!

All of this vitamin IV drip therapy is very interesting from a patient viewpoint. Why wouldn’t you consider this kind of vitamin therapy for a casual rejuvenation of your body?

Talk to SkinFX Medical Spa about vitamin IV therapy that works. We have the track record and experience to guide you through this journey in a professional and caring way and we stand ready to assist you in crafting your own holistic wellness routine.

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