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Why is vitamin IV therapy important to so many people focused on health and wellness?

 Essentially, the practice of a getting key nutrients into your body is part of maintaining good health, and using natural products to assist your body in maintaining itself over time. We believe in this type of therapy at SkinFX Medical Spa, where we work to assist our guests in doing what it takes to improve wellness and live better day to day. 

 Let’s talk a bit more about how this works with modern IV therapy. Some people don’t even know that this is an option!


 The traditional way to use vitamins is to ingest them – for example, taking a vitamin pill each morning. This is part of many people’s daily regimen, perhaps along with a shot of apple cider vinegar, or an early morning workout. 

 This can be effective, but it takes hours to digest the vitamin and break it down into the body before it enters the bloodstream.

 Vitamin IV therapy injects the same nutrients directly into the blood for a quicker robust result.

 That has a tremendous amount of therapeutic value for some people who need vitamin supplements. That’s why it has generated some amount of scientific research, and is now being done in modern clinical offices. 


 Some of these vitamin IV therapies can be helpful for general inflammation.

 The antioxidants and chemical properties of natural vegetables and vitamins have healing properties for the body. So again, getting them into the bloodstream quicker can help. That process illustrates how natural items can assist the body in fighting some of the effects of disease and aging. 


 Vitamin IV therapy can also be helpful for various conditions. For example, the IV delivery of vitamin C has been known to help with things like fatigue and asthma, which scientists are looking at in the context of modern “cures” or curative treatments. 

 Individuals can look at their own medical history and medications, talk to medical professionals about vitamin supplements, and decide whether vitamin IV therapy could be an effective solution.

 Come in and talk with the staff at SkinFX Medical Spa about what we do in terms of IV therapy. You can get this type of clinical help in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We also offer a range of other services, designed from the best modern science and research, to give you tools for improving your holistic wellness or pursue cosmetic enhancement. 

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