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There’s a lot you can do at SkinFX Medical Spa to improve your health and quality of life, to rejuvenate your face and body, and to feel and look younger again.

We utilize some of the most cutting-edge technology and procedures to allow our clients to make themselves over in ways that are truly amazing! Part of the wonder of the process is arriving in a warm and welcoming environment, to see yourself take shape under the work of some state of the art treatment programs that will wow the crowds.

Here are a couple the ways that we accomplish this.


Dermal fillers have come a long way since doctors first experimented with adding these injectables under the skin.

You have simple avian products and more sophisticated synthetics. You also have different kinds of procedures to inject these dermal fillers in areas like the lips, cheeks, or forehead. Some of these will accentuate the lips, and some will add contour to the face in ways that you might not expect. Over time, the testing of dermal fillers led to better science that we have integrated into what we do for our guests.

Our doctors will consult with you in order to find the very best treatment for your face. Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to this kind of treatment, so we take care to listen and keep your unique health and wellness goals in mind.


Over the past few decades, Western medicine has made incredible improvements in how lasers can be used to treat the skin and areas of the body. Laser therapy is something that is very micro-targeted and extremely effective. It has replaced all sorts of invasive procedures and costly and delicate surgeries.

We can explain this in more detail with a consultation on-site, but it’s an exciting way to think about your elective cosmetic procedures and health and wellness. Lasers often take a lot of labor-intensive necessities out of processes to improve what we can offer.


Then, too, our industry has really advanced in using tiny needles to work on areas of the skin. For example, did you know that micro-needling can take away some types of wrinkles or acne scars? This is another exciting treatment area that we like to inform clients about when they are deciding what to elect for a makeover.

Ask us about everything that we do at SkinFX Medical Spa with Dr. James Kojian, M.D. We’re here for you!

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