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As we look back over our track record in assisting clients with all sorts of cosmetic and wellness treatments, we can see more about how new trends work by looking at some lists of services that are popular and in demand at the moment.

 Let’s go over some of these, with a bit of information about how offices are handling these types of requests right now.



 Administering vitamins or other materials through an IV has become more of a standard part of modern treatment.

 Just a couple of years ago, it was seen as more of a clinical standard that would be done in a place like an ICU.

 But now, doctors and medical professionals are getting more and more into doing this in the comfort of their own outpatient offices. It’s really not that hard – and even many more types of phlebotomy and needlework are being done in outpatient settings. That’s a general trend that we’re seeing as we ramp up to provide more types of IV therapy – and people get in line to sign up!



 This type of treatment has been popular for a while, but people are still innovating with new synthetic dermal fillers and new options for plumping up areas of the face or recontouring in ways that will provide a restorative treatment result. These rejuvenate treatments are extremely trendy now, and we can show you more details about how this works in the office, in consultation, while taking a personal approach to decide if it’s something that’s right for you. 



 Then there’s the range of modern spa and massage treatments, for instance reflexology, which is a growing practice. If you haven’t heard of it, do a quick google search. 

Acupuncture also is still popular, and the science around that is advancing as well.


 Science is still experimenting with better ways to conduct dermal peels, which work with the surface areas of the skin. Working with pores and the outer epidermis can have an amazing effect on a person’s skin texture and tone, which is why this type of treatment is now so popular along with things like microblading.

 All of these services reflect our expertise and experience in holistic wellness and cosmetic care and treatment. 

 For more, ask us about what’s happening directly in consultation with one of the best wellness and cosmetic services around! We aim to be among your go-to places for great cosmetic and holistic wellness services, and an authority on what’s happening at a given time, around the industry. 

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