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What’s different about SkinFX as a regional health and wellness provider?

 One of the main things is the experience of the founders and the staff, which is instrumental in helping patients each day that we open our doors. We want to explain why it is that we built this business from the ground up, to help people to look and feel their best!


 Founders Jason Trujillo and Anjela Maleki are registered nurses who have practical experience in clinical environments.


 Having ER and ICU experience prepares nurses for a range of future roles and positions, including but not limited to outpatient elective services. 

 In this case, we bring our strategic knowledge of healthcare applications to cosmetic and wellness services.

 Now there’s a big difference between being in an ER or in ICU, and performing clinical work for a health and wellness office that does outpatient elective procedures. 

 The big one obviously is the workflow and sense of time orientation based on the patient’s condition.

 In the ER and in the ICU, things happen quickly. Decisions have to be made immediately. Patients have to be monitored extensively.

 For the most part, none of that is true in a cosmetic services environment.

 However, the practical emergency care experience is vitally instructive in the kinds of problem-solving that are important for health and wellness work.


 Whether we are positioning IV therapy, using Botox or dermal fillers, or conducting dermal peels, all of our high-quality health and wellness services depend on knowing a lot about the human body and the best clinical workflow models and technology available today.

 So come on down to SkinFX and see how we put these ideas to work with our practice philosophy and care and patient treatment plan, and all the rest: Here’s part of what you see when you come down to our practice.

You see staff working with technologies that are state-of-the-art. For example, knowing about the latest dermal fillers and techniques for facial contouring is a major part of what we do.

You’ll also see treatments related to other kinds of rejuvenation of tissues. That’s a part of the industry that’s gaining a lot of ground lately.

Some of these processes also have to do with nutrition or exfoliation.

But whatever it is, you know that you’ll be treated well in an environment where people care about you and your outcomes. Let us help you to remake yourself!

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